Hi! My name's LloydZX and I heard of the AIM FORUM from the original Nfm Forum. And...yeah I want to introduce myself for now!
My IGN: LloydZX (but I still dont have payed account)
My RN: Lawrence
Born: 2 December 2001 (So my age is 13-14)
NFM Style: 70% Racing, 30% Wasting
Creator Style: 90% Stages, 10% Cars (I recently learned how to make cars... Sad )
Interests in NFM: creating stages and collecting cars, but now even creating them Razz
Other games that I like/play: Minecraft, Halo, GTA,NFS and 3DS stuffs
TV stuff: CN, Nickelodeon
Fav cartoons: Ninjago and Inazuma Eleven (dont judge meh Smile )
Fav real car : Audi R8/Lamborghini Aventador
Fav NFM car: Mighty Eight
Other Fav car: Pegassi Zentorno
If there's anything else you want to know now just ask me!

My activity on this forum in the future: I will try to stay more active until 14 September, because this is the date Im starting the school, but Im going to enjoy those days at maximum Smile

I hope I can help here with anything (and if it is about sharing too, im ready to do it)!

p.s: sorry if i didnt respected one of the introduction rules...