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 NFMA's Corner of Questions And Fun Times

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NFMA's Corner of Questions And Fun Times Empty
PostSubject: NFMA's Corner of Questions And Fun Times   NFMA's Corner of Questions And Fun Times Icon_minitimeThu 24 Oct 2013, 1:53 am

NFMAddict on CMF wrote:
So as you guys know, I have been "AFK" for like a gazillion years and I just want to say, well, I'm back in the saddle. Sadly, I can only be on weekends, but I can answer a few questions you have or just problems IRL or just popping in to say hello.

What is your NFMM name?
It was AzNXInVasion or something like that. Well poop on that. People were hating on it cause they liked my old name, or whatever, so I'll keep it simple.
you guys win, I'll make it NFMAddict again just for you guys.

Why did you change it?
Why not? It was cool when like everyone changed there name from like Racer1337elitescrubadubdub to like something cool.

I'll add more once you guys start yapping.

Please no personal things, I did say IRL stuff but don't put like,"OMG I'm 15 and we should hang, I'm from Blah blah blah." Just keep it normal please. I'll try to answer them if they are worthwhile, not just one or two words. Thanks,

He asked me to post this here.

He said he's been banned from AIM or something like that for some reason. IP, if you read this please PM him on CMF.
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NFMA's Corner of Questions And Fun Times

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