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 Aggression poison - Sick freak

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Aggression poison - Sick freak  Empty
PostSubject: Aggression poison - Sick freak    Aggression poison - Sick freak  Icon_minitimeWed 21 Sep 2016, 1:17 am

IP I don't even apologize for this....

if you can accept poisonous scum like this on your - what appears to be a respectable forum - then f*ck it.. at least I can leave here knowing i don't accept sick racist poison like you do..

IP - this is your forum, non? you welcome and accept this type of person in your community after countless screenshots of racial abuse and sickness ?

(i know, kyoto ignore it..blah blah.. nobody deserves to be insulted like this)- IP - you have the power to wipe this shit stain from the forum yet you let it stink the place out..

how many people here will be affected by racial abuse or family members dying from health issues like Aggression feels is a joke? but hey let's let this sick "Asian" (not an insult, he is Asian yet racially abuses Asians for being Asian) exist here..

Aggression poison - Sick freak  IprYu0e

Wipe this topic if you want, hide it under the carpet -- if you want this piece of shit reflecting your forum, go for it 0.=
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Aggression poison - Sick freak  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aggression poison - Sick freak    Aggression poison - Sick freak  Icon_minitimeWed 21 Sep 2016, 1:20 am

Stop seeking attention Kyoto, you only have one more warning left before you're banned. If racism or flaming shows up on the forum, it will be removed and the member will be punished for it. IP doesn't control NFMM, deal with that yourself and stop making these topics every day.

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Aggression poison - Sick freak

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