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 Hi again

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Hi again Empty
PostSubject: Hi again   Hi again Icon_minitimeMon 15 Apr 2019, 5:41 pm

Well, this is awkward...

I've never been active in this community even when I first joined. Posted a few comments, made a few cars, and thats it. Apparently I sorta abandoned this site when one day I tried to login and it says I've been banned. I believe this was a bug but I didn't bring it up and just disappeared. Since then I moved on to other things like playing and modding other games, enlisting in mandatory conscription, got a job in food delivery, etc. Before I realized it I'm now in my mid-20s since I vanished. Time sure flies doesn't it?

But just recently I got a news feed from this site in my mailbox. I figured if that whole "banned" thing was fixed and tried to login. Hurrah! Here I am again, now a 25 year old dude who cycles for a living and stares at the computer screen on his down time... God, I feel old...

I'm pretty sure my topic has been buried in the dust and the pictures of the cars I made no longer show up. Maybe its time I dust it off then Very Happy Anyways for those who are curious, these are the cars I made back then:

From Carmageddon:

The Bear, a mini monster fueled by vodka and bad attitude
Hi again 2jfge9d

Hevy Impaler, a dowdy wagon turned moving roadblock
Hi again Rtf04k

Grunge Buster, a super-fast, super-twitchy technological marvel
Hi again 2h4yefr

From Carmageddon TDR 2000

White Trash, a big ol' garbage truck that likes to literally flip you off
Hi again An2c1d

SuperCharger, a badass Australian muscle
Hi again Sou97l

King Merc, a half-sportscar half-tank waster
Hi again 2d27s4p

Am I the only one here not liking the new outlineless wheels? :/ Anyways, I might release the codes for these cars after I get back on track with my intention to make 3 cars from Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now...

Well, thats it for a lengthy reintroduction. Its nice to be here again! Razz
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Hi again Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hi again   Hi again Icon_minitimeMon 15 Apr 2019, 9:27 pm

Nice cars man. I'm a fan of that hand-coded, low-poly style. Keep us updated. Also, it might be a good move to go to the Discord server. That's where most people talk. The forum is pretty inactive (glad you got the newsletter, though).

P.S.: Nice signature banner. Haven't seen one of those in ages.
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Hi again

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